4 Don’ts of Contact Lenses

If you have used contact lenses, then you would know that they’re just about some of the most magical things that you can experience. Once you get used to the feeling of contacts, you forget they’re on and it feels as if you have perfect vision without your glasses. It’s a magical device, but it comes with a list of don’ts. Why, because we’re talking about interfering with one of the most sensitive and important locations on the entire human body. The eye is a particularly sensitive area and if we neglect the possibility that it can become infected, contact lenses will remind us of that fact.

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Let’s talk about what’s at stake here. If you mishandle contact lenses or are negligent in your care for them, the microbes in the environment can cause infection and even permanent loss of vision. Not good to say the least. Why does this happen? It’s because some people don’t follow the practices outlined by their optometrist on how to care for contact lenses. For example, some people wash they contacts in tap water. Which is incredibly bad. Microbes in the water or in your hands (if you don’t use contact lens solution) will get into your eyes can cause minor irritation at best and vision loss at worst.

  1. Keep Your Hands Clean

By keeping your hands clean while handling contact lenses you minimize the chance of harmful pathogens getting into contact with your eyes. Make sure to wash your hands very well with soap and hot water before handling them.

  • Clean The Lens Case

Bad maintenance of the lens case is also linked to a risk of infection. Studies have found that the people who didn’t wash their hands before handling their cases had more pathogens on their cases. If you want to clean out your contact lens case properly, what you will need to do is to first pour all the solution out of the case, rub it out with the well cleaned finger, and then rinse it with more solution. Replace the case every 3 months or so. This is not particularly hard and should be followed if you want to be wise about your contacts use.

  • Topping Off Your Contact Lens Solution

When putting your contacts back into the case make sure you’re not just topping off the case with more solution but actually pouring out the old solution and replacing it with new solution. This will get rid of any microbes on the case that may have settled in the case. By not completely replacing the solution you are setting yourself up for the possibility of an eye infection.

  • Bathing

This one is one of the most important on the list. Water has a lot of microbes in it. Sea water, hot tubs, swimming pools, the shower. You need to avoid all of these things while you have your contact in.

So that’s it, those are the most important Don’ts of wearing contacts.

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