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Common Accessories for Your Aquarium

When you visit an aquarium supplies store or check online, there are so many options available in accessories for aquariums. You may not need all of them but there are certain essential accessories along with accessories that can improve convenience.

A popular aquarium accessory is the aquarium filter and this is used to maintain the quality of water

It does this by removing harmful chemicals, debris and excess waste from the water. You can find different types of aquarium filters such as canister filters, hang-on-back filters and sponge filters, you need to consider the needs of your fish and the size of your tank when selecting the right aquarium filter. A common filtration media used in aquarium filters is activated carbon and this is used to remove odours and impurities from the water. This will contribute to clear and healthy water.  There are also aquarium accessories that can improve the appearance of your tank such as air stone balls. These are porous objects that will create bubbles in the aquarium. This also has a functional aspect to it as the bubbles will increase water circulation in the tank. This is also used for oxygenation purposes as the air stone ball is connected to an air pump. This is a valuable accessory that you can use to maintain the health of your aquarium.     

One of the essential tasks in maintaining an aquarium is feeding the fish

And if you are planning to go away on vacation for some time, you will need to have something planned to make sure your fish stay healthy and happy. One such option you can consider is a vacation pyramid fish feeder that will ensure your fish receive proper nutrition while you are away. These accessories are designed to release food over several days and when you check the product description, it will tell you how many days the fish feeder is designed to work. This should not be a solution to consider when it comes to long term absences so make sure you have a friend visit the house now and then to check the health of your fish and maintain their nutrition.

You should also know which food is best for the species of food in the tank

For example, if you have any algae eating species in the tank such as loaches and catfish, make sure to add some algae eater wafers to the tank as food. These are designed to sink to the bottom of the tank to ensure your fish get the right nutrients. And this will also control growth of algae in the tank. The water quality has to be maintained properly in any aquarium and one tool you can use to check this is test strips. You can monitor certain parameters of water quality by checking the levels of ammonia, nitrite and nitrate in the water. These strips will also give you an idea of the pH of the water. Once you have an idea of what the water composition is, you will be able to take corrective action if required.