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How to Select a Whiskey Glass?

While many of us enjoy whiskey, it is not often that we use the right glassware to drink it. You can essentially drink whiskey out of any type of glass or even mug but the right glass will give you a better-rounded experience. You will be able to appreciate it more and savor it.

Whiskey is a commonly consumed spirit in the world and the glass used to hold it can help you appreciate the aromas and the richness of whiskey which will enhance your entire experience. When choosing whiskey glasses, you need to consider the size because the width of the bowl will determine the surface area of whiskey that is exposed to air. The size will also affect how much aroma reaches your nose. When you have a narrower bowl, the surface area of exposed whiskey is less and therefore, fewer aromas is reaching your nose. There are different types of glasses for whiskey that you can choose from. These are the tulip, Old Fashioned, Highball, NEAT, snifter, and the Glencairn. The most commonly used glass for whiskey is the Old Fashioned.

You can swirl whiskey in a Glencairn glass and this will help open up flavors and aromas. When having whiskey with a mixer, you can opt for a taller glass such as the highball. The NEAT glass is quite new and it is short for Naturally Engineered Aroma Technology. The unusual shape of this glass will prevent harsh aromas from reaching the nose so it is best for those that are new to drinking whiskey. You will be able to appreciate the subtler aromas of the whiskey with the shape of this glass. The snifter glass, on the other hand, promotes the release of ethanol vapors that will overpower all other aromas of the whiskey.

When you are purchasing glasses for whiskey, there are two types of glasses that you should have in your collection. One is the Double Rock which is a glass that has a bigger circumference and the Rock that is slightly smaller. The Rock is a glass that is wider when it comes to the top and it is best to be used with younger whiskeys that will need space to open up. The Rock is a glass that tapers at the top so it is best for aged whiskeys above 18 years.

The tapering top half of the glass helps in collecting and concentrating the aromas. But you need to consider your favorite way of drinking whiskey when selecting a glass. You will be able to detect the aromas and the other properties of whiskey with a Snifter or a Tulip. If you enjoy your whiskey on the rocks, you can choose a Rock glass or an Old Fashioned. For room temperature whiskey, a snifter is recommended. If you are a fan of whiskey cocktails, then the shape of the glass will not be as important and you can use any type of glass at hand. You need to consider the quality of the glass by assessing the thickness, weight, and cut of the glass. Crystal glass has improved sound and refraction when compared to soda line glassware.