Oral Health of Your Children

Having children is something that most parents be excited about. But so much of responsibility comes with it. Parents have to take care of their kids from birth till they grow up to an age when they can take care of themselves. When you become a parent there will always be something to think about regarding your kid. Today we will talk about some common oral health-related problems that parents face.

If your baby prefers bottle feeding you will have this problem. Some babies like to suck on their bottles when they go to bed, this can be a way to make them calm and make them fall asleep quickly. This can be great for the parents because they don’t have to put their kids to sleep or worry about them. Even though it’s good it can be bad for the baby. This can be the major cause of formation of cavity which leads to tooth decay. Tooth decay mostly occurs in children when their teeth are exposed to milk or food containing sugar for a long period of time. So to prevent this problem avoid giving milk or juice in bottles when they sleep. Encourage them to brush their teeth before going to bed, this can help them remove debris and bacteria from teeth preventing decay.

Gum disease can be a common oral problem in adults as well as children. It basically means that the gums around the tooth gets inflamed and turns red. The major cause of this is when the bacteria gets accumulated in the teeth and not removed appropriately. So there will be a bacterial infection in the gums and it is called as gingivitis. Most parents are worried about the gingivitis in their children, the most important thing they can do to prevent gum disease is to maintain a good oral hygiene. It’s better to ask them to brush their teeth twice a day to remove bacteria from their oral cavity.

Some children complain of having sensitive teeth when they consume hot or cold food items. This can be one of the important symptoms in people with tooth decay. If you child complains of this it can mean that they are having tooth decay. Enamel is a strong substance and it is the layer that is exposed to the external environment. This will protect the nerves from the external environment. When there is a problem with this enamel the nerves will get exposed to the outer environment and can cause pain and increase sensitivity. Soda can also affect the enamel and cause different problems. It’s also good to take your child to the Berwick dentist at least once in six months. When you encourage children to go to the dentist often then can become a habit in them. They will follow this habit even after they grow up.

Make sure you focus on your children’s oral health as it is also an important part of the overall health of your child. Make sure they follow all these good habits regularly. Also explain them the benefits of having a good oral health.