The Good Chocolate and The Bad Chocolate

Chocolate is a very enjoyable flavour loved by a lot of people around the world. The creamy and the bitter tastes together make chocolate very special. Since a lot of people enjoy this taste, you can find many food and drinks which includes this flavour and this ingredient. While we enjoy this flavour, we should not forget that there are actually two types of chocolates in the world. We have good chocolate and we have the bad chocolate.

It is not surprising to know that usually it is the bad chocolate which is more famous due to the sweet flavour you can find in it.

The Bad Chocolate

Bad chocolate is basically what you can buy from the market as normal chocolate products. This is usually a mixture of the cacao beans with sugar. That is how normal chocolate is created. While the beans themselves are not bad for health, the addition of sugar is not good for anyone’s health. Sure, if you are someone who eats these normal chocolate products once in a while, you may not get to suffer from the bad results of bad chocolate.

However, someone who is in the habit of eating these bad chocolate products too often is going to get too much sugar into their bodies. This can lead to high sugar levels, which is not good at all for anyone. Not just sugar, most of these bad chocolate products even use other ingredients to make the product even sweeter. Again, that is not good for the body.

If eating this kind of the normal chocolate products we find in the market is not good for the body, how do those who love the chocolate flavour enjoy any of chocolate products? Well, there is the option of eating the good chocolate.

The Good Chocolate

The good chocolate is actually a reference to the chocolate products which come without the added sugar. The dark chocolate you find in the market is a good example for that. If you want to eat a slab of chocolate that is the one you should go for. Sure, the taste of dark chocolate is going to be bitter than the average chocolate with mixed sugar you are going to find in the market. However, someone who does not mind the bitter taste will not have a problem with that.

Moreover, cacao nibs are a great choice for people who want to try good chocolate. This is also a part of the bean which comes without any added sugar. It is something you can eat on its own as a snack. Since it has this crunchiness you will enjoy it.

It is something you can add to a number of food items and enjoy without worrying about adding something bad to your health. For example, it can be a great topping for your ice cream. They even come with health benefits as they are rich in nutrients and antioxidants.

Get used to eating the good chocolate and you do not have to worry about elevating your sugar levels with the bad chocolate.

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